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Jenny Holzer

This 64 year-old is a conceptual artist that currently resides in New York. One of her major focuses as an artist is to find new ways to make narrative and commentary be a part of visual objects, particularly in public space. As an artist she is mostly known for large-scale public displays, including billboard advertisements, projections on buildings or other architectural structures, and electronic displays.

When you click on her website you are exposed to projections that she has displayed around the world. One of my favorite examples of these projections is found in the Florence 1996 folder. I found this one to be very eye catching and since I’ve been to Florence before I knew exactly where it was. The words “YOU ARE MY OWN” are not only powerful, but connect to Holzer’s goal in expressing herself as an artist.

Another unique work of art by Holzer was her LED signs. The choice of words she uses in her art are very appealing to the public eye. These short phrases are called “Truisms” which are either slogans, or short phrases to express her message. The example below is simple and appealing to the eye, but the words carry so much meaning.

R. Luke DuBois

DuBois is classified as a composer, artist and performer, but he has a doctorate in music composition from Columbia University. He has taught a variety of artists worldwide, but currently resides in NYC where he is the director of the Brooklyn Experimental Media Center at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.

For his more conceptual artist side, DuBois is known for taking various American culture topics and attempting to raise issue to them. Some topics that he has addressed are information theory, perception of time, canonicity, and gaze.

One of my favorite works is the Circus Sarasota which is a series of portraits of performers that are a part of the Circus Arts Conservatory that is located in Sarasota, Florida. These portraits were taken with high definition cameras and then placed in five high-definition custom screens. The video below is a documentation of this piece.

Another work by DuBois that I found very unique was the one titled A More Perfect Union in which he joined 21 dating websites in attempt to alter the U.S census to base it on socio-cultural identity. I thought this was extremely clever because he used his knowledge of computers to analyze different words that people in certain cities use and created road maps of them. This idea was not only unique, but took him some time to create. The picture below is an example that can be found on the project website.

Matt Siber

With a MFA in Photography from the Columbia College Chicago, this 42 year old has art internationally. He is very well known for his ability to transform basic everyday advertising objects into new pieces of work. He uses his “power of logos” theme in a lot of his projects, such as his Untitled Project series. In the info statement for this series he mentions the desire to remove ALL text from this series and allow for the communication to be found through symbols, colors, architecture, and corporate branding. The picture below, titled Unititled #14, 2003 I found to be extremely clever at expressing his desire for a different form of communication. I liked this picture a lot because it made you think about how much of a necessity we make road signs, especially on highways. The interesting thing about this photograph is also that Siber placed within the picture the exact words he took off.


Siber also did a project that focused on floating logos. I found this work to be extremely original because not only is it unrealistic, but all of the photographs in this project were very common and easy to imagine. The pictures below are two examples of his Floating Logos project, one from each series.



In the description for this project Siber discusses how interested companies and people were in working with him to advertise and promote their companies through his work. He mentions that he found this to be an example of how attached our generation is to photographs and what they can do. The goal of his work was not the advertising of specific places, but more so to elaborate on the influence of photographs.


Kelli Connell

Kelli is best described as a contemporary photographer, with a focus on portraits. On her website there is a statement about her work and what she attempts to gain out of her photographs. She uses her self portraits to create a “Double Life” series in which she uses the same model in multiple settings to create a scene that has never occurred.

One of the most interesting things that I found about Kelli and her work was the way she ended her statement: “I am interested in not only what the subject matter says about myself, but also what the viewers response to these images says about their own identities and social constructs.” I believe this quote to be very significant because through her work she is not only expressing herself, but teaching her audience about themselves.

Below is a 2002 piece titled “Car Talk”, which I found to be one of my favorite pictures from her early work. This picture seems like an actual scene because all of the placement is so real. For example, if you look at the right hand on the car door, it looks like it is actually touching the shirt of the person driving.

Her images are very representational of the everyday things that occur in our lives. The twist on Kelli’s work is HOW she makes you think about those everyday things, with the use of specific scenes or poses. She uses her photographs to address issues that we may not normally feel comfortable with, or try to ignore. The picture below, titled “Reverie” I thought was a great example of Kelli expressing her view of societal norms. It seems to me that she attempted to show the difference between what a man should dress like verses what a women should dress like. When in fact, it is the same person.

Evan Roth

This 36 year old digital artist is American born, but currently in Paris. He has a degree in architecture from the University of Maryland. He is known for the use of technologies that came from hackers to create new visual art in various forms. He creates prints, sculptures, websites, and videos by using the work hacker communities have created and applying it to digital and non-digital systems.

The work on Roth’s website I found to be very versatile. He displays a modern pop culture outlook through the majority of his work. I found his tagline for his website to be very intriguing as well, “BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER”.

The first image that caught my attention was the Internet Cache Self Portrait series. This series consists of multiple images that are collected from everyday internet usage. Each image within this series is unique to a specific date from which the data was collected. This work reminded me of the Color Wheel I previously discussed by Jason Savalon.

The Graffiti Analysis, sculpture series I also found to be very well displayed. There are videos in the series that show Roth in the physical act of tracing graffiti that he ultimately makes 3D. Below is my favorite work, and the most recent addiction to the series.

There is a huge variety of work that is associated with Roth. There is a vimeo video titled TSA Communications, which I found to be very funny and creative. We all know how annoying and sometimes unnecessary the TSA at airports can be, but for Roth to stand up to them in this manner was very “badass”.

Jason Salavon

This contemporary artist has expanded original work by using his computer skills to reconfigure and recreate art. He has studied and worked with many aspects of art, mostly related to video art and programming. The two most essential tools that he uses for this reconfiguration involve the overlay of images or the distribution of processed media side by side/in different configurations.

Below is a video in which Jason Salavon explains his use of data to formulate art. He discusses some of his work, the “Titanic” which included the use of cultural and modern data, as well as his “Data Mural” which used statistical data.

The above image, <Color> Wheel (2012) is part of the 2013 collection, Control. This image is one of 5 images that were created by data on different web searches in order to represent the ROYGBV color scheme.

Above is his work City (Westward), 2008 that shows the city of Chicago, but with Jason’s own flavor. He used different computer softwares to add lines and colors in order to cause you to rethink the image.

I think his work of art is very interesting and unique. Had I not watched the youtube video posted above I wouldn’t have given him very much credit. He has used his own software development and found very unique ways of displaying it to the world. I think that the City (Westward) image is beyond open to interpretation. The original picture isn’t even necessary to see because this one allows you to think of Chicago in whichever way your eyes desire.

Christian Marclay

This 60 year old multimedia artist began his career in a similar manner as both Nam June Paik and Cory Arcangel. He has spent over 30 years focusing on various aspects of art and the concept of transforming music and sounds into physical form. He is a California native that grew up in Switzerland and currently lives in London, where he has numerous exhibitions to be proud of. This past month the “White Cube” displayed a major solo exhibition of Marclay’s work.

This video explains one of Marclay’s most famous artworks. “The Clock” is an artwork that debuted at the “White Cube” in 2010 and has been sold to numerous art museums because of its memorizing abilities on the viewers.

This piece of work I found to be the most unique. He took “real time” and made something more attractive out of it. This work also won the Golden Lion in 2011 because it was recognized as a very unique piece of work.

Marclay’s work is seen on an everyday basis, but his style is his ability to make something more of it. The fact that he has been around for so many years makes it easier to appreciate his growth as a multimedia artist.