Sabine Gruffat

This digital media artist and film maker currently lives in North Carolina, but has work that is featured worldwide. In looking at her website I saw a lot of variety, but the video and animation section was my favorite.

After watching the short segment of her work the “Wake”, I thought that the concept was very interesting. This work attempts to have psychedelia meet fantasy and is different from a lot of other work I’ve seen. I thought it was a very strange clip and the music weirded me out, but the the description helped in understanding the purpose of it.

Another one of her works that I found intriguing was the Karaoke video that she made in 2008. I thought it was very hilarious and I think she put a lot of her own flavor into the video.

The most interesting aspect of Sabine’s work was her desire to see the outside world and show it in her work. I really liked her inclusion of real life issues, such as photographs of Detroit titled “Head Lines” from 2008.