Jodie Mack

This 32 year old is an experimental animator who currently teaches animation at Dartmouth College. Her style of work is one that involves handmade film and video production to tell a story.

The 2009 karaoke┬ávideo to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston was by far my favorite piece of her work.

I thought that the color scheme and pictures for the chorus was very appropriate for the song. I also really liked this video because it’s one of my favorite songs. She has a great way of using different shapes and original ideas to express her videos and films.

Another one of her works that I found very original and appealing to our current culture was her “Yard Work is Hard Work” film from 2008. In this short clip she uses different objects and conversation to express her thoughts on present day relationships and the idea of eternal love.

All of her work is very different from artists that we have studied thus far. I really enjoyed watching her videos all though some of them were very repetitive, there were a few I found to be very unique and intriguing.