Oliver Laric

Laric is a 30 year old who was born in Austria, but has spent the last 5 years of his life living in Berlin. He is known for his interest in the “original” which he has applied to various pieces of art, such as sculptures and videos.

One of my favorite works by Laric was the “Sun Tzu Janus” sculpture pictured below. I found everything about the color, design choice and size appealing to the eye. On the website for this piece there are 10 quotes that I think explain his reasoning for this work very well.

Laric has a piece of art that is titled “Versions” in which he tells a story through pictures and building different sculptures while making a connection between old and new.¬†The 2012 Versions is the one that I watched and found very difficult to understand. I understood what the story was saying and that it was being retold, but the purpose of it was very confusing. The idea behind his “versions” work revolves around taking historical art and essentially remixing it into present day art forms and creations. I think this is a cool concept, but some of his work is difficult to appreciate because of the similarity¬†it has to art that is centuries old and not as prevalent in modern day art. Below is the video of his 2012 Version.