R. Luke DuBois

DuBois is classified as a composer, artist and performer, but he has a doctorate in music composition from Columbia University. He has taught a variety of artists worldwide, but currently resides in NYC where he is the director of the Brooklyn Experimental Media Center at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering.

For his more conceptual artist side, DuBois is known for taking various American culture topics and attempting to raise issue to them. Some topics that he has addressed are information theory, perception of time, canonicity, and gaze.

One of my favorite works is the Circus Sarasota which is a series of portraits of performers that are a part of the Circus Arts Conservatory that is located in Sarasota, Florida. These portraits were taken with high definition cameras and then placed in five high-definition custom screens. The video below is a documentation of this piece.

Another work by DuBois that I found very unique was the one titled A More Perfect Union in which he joined 21 dating websites in attempt to alter the U.S census to base it on socio-cultural identity. I thought this was extremely clever because he used his knowledge of computers to analyze different words that people in certain cities use and created road maps of them. This idea was not only unique, but took him some time to create. The picture below is an example that can be found on the project website.