Kelli Connell

Kelli is best described as a contemporary photographer, with a focus on portraits. On her website there is a statement about her work and what she attempts to gain out of her photographs. She uses her self portraits to create a “Double Life” series in which she uses the same model in multiple settings to create a scene that has never occurred.

One of the most interesting things that I found about Kelli and her work was the way she ended her statement: “I am interested in not only what the subject matter says about myself, but also what the viewers response to these images says about their own identities and social constructs.” I believe this quote to be very significant because through her work she is not only expressing herself, but teaching her audience about themselves.

Below is a 2002 piece titled “Car Talk”, which I found to be one of my favorite pictures from her early work. This picture seems like an actual scene because all of the placement is so real. For example, if you look at the right hand on the car door, it looks like it is actually touching the shirt of the person driving.

Her images are very representational of the everyday things that occur in our lives. The twist on Kelli’s work is HOW she makes you think about those everyday things, with the use of specific scenes or poses. She uses her photographs to address issues that we may not normally feel comfortable with, or try to ignore. The picture below, titled “Reverie” I thought was a great example of Kelli expressing her view of societal norms. It seems to me that she attempted to show the difference between what a man should dress like verses what a women should dress like. When in fact, it is the same person.