Jason Salavon

This contemporary artist has expanded original work by using his computer skills to reconfigure and recreate art. He has studied and worked with many aspects of art, mostly related to video art and programming. The two most essential tools that he uses for this reconfiguration involve the overlay of images or the distribution of processed media side by side/in different configurations.

Below is a video in which Jason Salavon explains his use of data to formulate art. He discusses some of his work, the “Titanic” which included the use of cultural and modern data, as well as his “Data Mural” which used statistical data.

The above image, <Color> Wheel (2012) is part of the 2013 collection, Control. This image is one of 5 images that were created by data on different web searches in order to represent the ROYGBV color scheme.

Above is his work City (Westward), 2008 that shows the city of Chicago, but with Jason’s own flavor. He used different computer softwares to add lines and colors in order to cause you to rethink the image.

I think his work of art is very interesting and unique. Had I not watched the youtube video posted above I wouldn’t have given him very much credit. He has used his own software development and found very unique ways of displaying it to the world. I think that the City (Westward) image is beyond open to interpretation. The original picture isn’t even necessary to see because this one allows you to think of Chicago in whichever way your eyes desire.