Christian Marclay

This 60 year old multimedia artist began his career in a similar manner as both Nam June Paik and Cory Arcangel. He has spent over 30 years focusing on various aspects of art and the concept of transforming music and sounds into physical form. He is a California native that grew up in Switzerland and currently lives in London, where he has numerous exhibitions to be proud of. This past month the “White Cube” displayed a major solo exhibition of Marclay’s work.

This video explains one of Marclay’s most famous artworks. “The Clock” is an artwork that debuted at the “White Cube” in 2010 and has been sold to numerous art museums because of its memorizing abilities on the viewers.

This piece of work I found to be the most unique. He took “real time” and made something more attractive out of it. This work also won the Golden Lion in 2011 because it was recognized as a very unique piece of work.

Marclay’s work is seen on an everyday basis, but his style is his ability to make something more of it. The fact that he has been around for so many years makes it easier to appreciate his growth as a multimedia artist.