Final Project Process

For my final project I decided to do something similar to our postcard assignment earlier in the semester.

I spent some time trying to come up with ideas for what I wanted to do. I decided on something that included sports, but was more about the unrealistic aspect of life and the chances of it happening were slim. In thinking of my idea I went back and forth with various sports and themes I wanted to pursue. These thoughts all came to light when I put my double fisted thinking cap on. (2 hours spent)


(totally kidding about coming up with my ideas like this, but yay humor).

I then used a shutterfly account that my friends Godmother uses to upload her pictures. She is a photographer for the school and I asked her if it would be alright to use her photos for my project. I then spent at least an hour looking for different shots I wanted to use. Mostly looking for different moves and sports that fit in with the theme ideas I had already decided on. (1 hour spent).

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.30.49 AM

Next I got to work. I first spent some time reviewing the different tools I could use to illustrate my photos the way I had them imagined. Then I picked my first picture, lacrosse (lucky enough for Emily, it was time to get her back). I wanted the lacrosse theme to match its origin. Lacrosse originated from the Native Americans and I wanted to include a Native American in the picture, as well as the Tee Pee which didn’t go well with the other homes. I also found the scenery online, and made that my background picture. I realize lacrosse would never be played on ice, otherwise it’d be ice hockey. I then made the lacrosse ball corn on the cob to let them enjoy the sport a little more. I also realized that there’s no way that an originator of the sport could get the privilege of playing with Emily. I made that the first unrealistic scene that I would depict. Below are pictures that show my progress with this picture. (3 hours spent)



My second picture was inspired by the views of rugby and one of my teammates. I decided to do it in an alley because why would rugby ever be played in an alley? I then thought of various things that are impossible to have in an alley, but also completely unrelated to rugby. Whenever my teammate Elyssa runs (fast as lightening) she makes the same face. The face that resembles fear, or intimidates the heck out of someone. I incorporated my version of a “nice monster” because if you’re gonna have a monster, when would he ever be nice? I added the rocket to the background because it made the scene more impossible and shows the route that all the other people took to escape the monster. Then there’s the cat, because Elyssa loves cats, but also because it’s confused by why all of this is happening in the alley that this kitty calls home. I had a lot of fun and difficulty with this picture. I had to find the best way to spread everything I wanted to include into the space of the scene along with blending the colors and deciding what should be black and white and what should be in color. (3 hours spent)



My final picture incorporated the swimming pictures that I found on the website. I really wanted to use one of the diving pictures and originally have him diving into lava, but that didn’t work out the way I planned so I switched it up. I always thought it would be interesting if people actually did activities off of roller coasters. I then added a diving board to the roller coaster, and turtles because that’s pretty unrealistic. My favorite aspect of this picture was the cloud background that overlaid the entire picture. This picture took a lot of time because I did work for the other theme and ended up changing it. (3 hours spent)



Yasunao Tone

This Japanese artist is mostly known for his musical work. In all honesty after listening to some of his work “Part 1”, I was not a big fan. I thought that it sounded like someone just playing with different sounds and not actually putting a lot of effort to make a developed song.

After reading more about Tone I found a description of his music to be “conversion of text into music via images with analog and digital means and music generating text”. From looking at the first piece I didn’t really understand that description so I looked further to find other pieces of work that were a representation of that. Unfortunately, the only other thing that I could manage to listen to was a 35 second clip of him creating more noise music. If this is a representation of Tone expressing himself through music that is fine, but it is difficult to fully appreciate it as “art”.

Sabine Gruffat

This digital media artist and film maker currently lives in North Carolina, but has work that is featured worldwide. In looking at her website I saw a lot of variety, but the video and animation section was my favorite.

After watching the short segment of her work the “Wake”, I thought that the concept was very interesting. This work attempts to have psychedelia meet fantasy and is different from a lot of other work I’ve seen. I thought it was a very strange clip and the music weirded me out, but the the description helped in understanding the purpose of it.

Another one of her works that I found intriguing was the Karaoke video that she made in 2008. I thought it was very hilarious and I think she put a lot of her own flavor into the video.

The most interesting aspect of Sabine’s work was her desire to see the outside world and show it in her work. I really liked her inclusion of real life issues, such as photographs of Detroit titled “Head Lines” from 2008.

Marco Brambilla

Brambilla is a video and installation artist that focuses on popular and found imagery. His work is presented in many different areas around the world. In looking through his website I thought that his work was very different from anything we’ve seen thus far.

The video below, one of his most recent works I found to be very intriguing. In watching the short snippet I was completely mesmerized by the color scheme and the soft movement and music. It felt like I was watching the introduction to a new fairytale movie. I also found the description to be interesting because of how he created this particular piece. The use of more the 200 Lidar scans seems like a lot of work.

In addition to the video above, I was also very amazed by his “Nowness” piece. I thought that he did a wonderful job of using various popular images and objects and placing them over an appealing background. I think the 3D aspect makes it so much cooler and I think that’s what made me want to watch this video over and over again.

Overall I thought that all of the videos I watched by Brambilla were very original. I think he does a wonderful job of taking objects and images that we are see everyday and incorporating them into a new piece of work.


Jodie Mack

This 32 year old is an experimental animator who currently teaches animation at Dartmouth College. Her style of work is one that involves handmade film and video production to tell a story.

The 2009 karaoke video to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston was by far my favorite piece of her work.

I thought that the color scheme and pictures for the chorus was very appropriate for the song. I also really liked this video because it’s one of my favorite songs. She has a great way of using different shapes and original ideas to express her videos and films.

Another one of her works that I found very original and appealing to our current culture was her “Yard Work is Hard Work” film from 2008. In this short clip she uses different objects and conversation to express her thoughts on present day relationships and the idea of eternal love.

All of her work is very different from artists that we have studied thus far. I really enjoyed watching her videos all though some of them were very repetitive, there were a few I found to be very unique and intriguing.

Oliver Laric

Laric is a 30 year old who was born in Austria, but has spent the last 5 years of his life living in Berlin. He is known for his interest in the “original” which he has applied to various pieces of art, such as sculptures and videos.

One of my favorite works by Laric was the “Sun Tzu Janus” sculpture pictured below. I found everything about the color, design choice and size appealing to the eye. On the website for this piece there are 10 quotes that I think explain his reasoning for this work very well.

Laric has a piece of art that is titled “Versions” in which he tells a story through pictures and building different sculptures while making a connection between old and new. The 2012 Versions is the one that I watched and found very difficult to understand. I understood what the story was saying and that it was being retold, but the purpose of it was very confusing. The idea behind his “versions” work revolves around taking historical art and essentially remixing it into present day art forms and creations. I think this is a cool concept, but some of his work is difficult to appreciate because of the similarity it has to art that is centuries old and not as prevalent in modern day art. Below is the video of his 2012 Version.